2.4.1: TCP assertion failed

From: Petru Paler (ppetru@ppetru.net)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 10:14:45 EST

Moderately-high (couple hundred thousand hits a day) loaded web server
running 2.4.1 (no other patches). I got this twice in the syslog after
15 days uptime:

KERNEL: assertion (tp->lost_out == 0) failed at tcp_input.c(1202):tcp_remove_reno_sacks

(between lots of "TCP: peer xxxx shrinks window xxxx:xxx:xxxxxx. Bad, what else
can I say?" which I understand are harmless)

Let me know if anyone needs more info/tests/etc.

Petru Paler, mailto:ppetru@ppetru.net
http://www.ppetru.net - ICQ: 41817235
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