[pre PATCH] freezes

From: Roger Larsson (roger.larsson@norran.net)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 09:29:12 EST


I have had occasional freezes (complete NumLock won't work) for some time.
I blamed HW, irq conflicts, temperature problems, ...

But suddenly with 2.4.2-pre1 the problems disappeared!

Since 2.4.2-pre1 was rather short I took the time to try to find out what
could be the fix.

I found one candidate, the setting of TASK_RUNNING in handle_mm_fault.

Since the problem had appeared on both 2.4 and 2.2.18 I started to try to
reproduce the problem in an unpatched 2.2 - it took some time, got the freeze

During this time I have tried to collect information of the freezes on KDE
mailing lists - I do now have three additional reports (one running 2.2.17)
Hardware has varied.

I have now compiled and installed this patch but since it can't be proven
to fix the problem I submit it now.


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