VIA chipset problems with 2.2?

From: Michael B. Allen (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 03:54:11 EST


What's the nature of the VIA chipset problems? I want to get a new system
this weekend but I read on kernel traffic that VIA has problems? I
wan't to use Hendrick's ide patches on 2.2.18. What board should I
get? Help, I've searched through usenet and asked on #linux without
anything conclusive.


>From KT:

David Riley [*] reported tremendous slowdowns in 2.4.1-pre11 and -pre12
on his Athlon 900 with a KT133 chipset. Mark Hahn [*] replied, "this is
known: Linus decreed that, since two people reported disk corruption
on VIA, any machine with a VIA southbridge must boot in stupid 1992
mode (PIO). (yes, it might be possible to boot with ide=autodma or
something, but who would guess?)" He added to Linus Torvalds [*],
"I hope you don't consider this a releasable state! VIA now owns 40%
of the chipset market..." Linus replied:

  So find somebody who can figure out why the corruption happens, and
  I'll be really happy with a patch that fixes it. In the meantime,
  "releaseable" very much means that we did _everything_ possible to
  make sure that people don't screw their disks over.

  You have to realize that stability takes precedence over EVERYTHING.

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