crash 5/5 w/ memtest86

From: Scott M. Hoffman (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 20:06:27 EST

  After getting several segfaults running fetchmail, I tried memtest86 for
the first time on my PC (Celeron 500, i810m/b from e-machines). Five out
of five tries from two different floppy disks crashed at 6% into test 1.
  I suspected a new PC133 memory stick, but the test failed at the same
point without it. My system has run fine with this for at least five
days, I only noticed a problem after an oops last night, after upgrading
to the 2.4.2-pre3 kernel yesterday morning.
  Is there any other way to test whether this may be a memory problem or
something else, besides gettig more ram or a different motherboard?
  I do have an strace of one SIGSEGV from a fetchmail run, if it might


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