doing RAID 0 with HPT370

From: Bradley Kite (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 19:20:13 EST

I'm new to this list so I'd like to say hi first :-)

I found this message while searching for a solution to getting
linux to see a raid array on my HPT370:

Its got someone from highpoint saying that raid support will
be offered "in the near future", and that message was dated October 2000.

I emailed highpoint to ask if they had got any where, but they dont seem to

Does any one know if highpoint are in fact developing a linux driver
that supports the RAID functions of this chip? and if so, are we looking
at weeks/months/years before it might be ready?

ps: hedricks ide patch doesnt support the RAID functions of the chip,
    otherwise I would have been happy to use that! :-)

Many thanks


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