2001-02-14 release of hotplug scripts

From: Greg KH (greg@kroah.com)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 18:49:16 EST

I've just packaged up the latest hotplug scripts into a release, and
they can be found at:
depending on which format you prefer.

Changes in this version from the last release are:
        - rpm makes the subsystem scripts executable
        - some logging fixes
        - insistence on having a writable /tmp so bash works properly
        - added support for pcimodules
        - Fixes some problems seen with Redhat 7 systems when the
          partial USB setup in /etc/rc.sysinit was not disabled. The
          failure mode was that all USB modules got loaded, rather than
          only modules for the devices that were connected.
        - In conjunction with the "usbmodules" and "pcimodules" patches
          to "usbutils-0.7" and "pciutils-2.1.8", devices that are
          connected at boot time will also be configured. If you don't
          have those utilities, you'll need to plug USB and CardBus
          devices in after the system is booted, otherwise they can't be
          properly configured.
        - other small fixes.

If you haven't patched your version of usbutils and pciutils, you can
get the patch at:

Hopefully updated versions of these two packages will be released with
these changes in them soon.


greg k-h

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