/proc/stat missing disk_io info

From: Rainer Mager (rmager@vgkk.com)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 17:46:56 EST

Hi all,

        I was wondering why some of my disks don't show up in /proc/stat's disk_io
line. Specifically, my line says:

disk_io: (2,0):(144,144,288,0,0) (3,0):(35,35,140,0,0)

This equates to my floppy and first cdrom. I also have a second cdrom (RW)
and 2 hard disks. Looking at the code (kstat_read_proc in
fs/proc/proc_misc.c) it is looping only up to DK_MAX_MAJOR which is defined
as 16 in kernel_stat.h. The problem is that my 2 HDs have a major number of

I don't know enough to produce a patch, that is, what should DK_MAX_MAJOR be
set to, but I believe the above is the problem.



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