Re: Are the sysctl and ptrace bugs already fixed ?

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 17:05:10 EST

> vulnerability in 2.2.18-pre9 (I suppose it was really 2.2.19-pre9). But
> with respect to the other two vulnerabilities on 2.2.x and the whole th=
> ree
> in kernel series 2.4.x haven't been able to find any information in
> neither Bugtraq, nor in the Linux kernel development archives.

2.2.19pre9 fixes the base ptrace attack, the sysctl bug. The PIII fpu bug
                doesnt apply to 2.2 unless you applied the PIII patches to it
2.4.0 didnt have the ptrace bug. The -ac tree has both sysctl and fpu fixed.
                I believe the current Linus 2.4.2pre has fpu but not sysctl

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