Re: piix.c and tuning question

Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 16:39:06 EST

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 02:51:03AM -0500, Shawn Starr wrote:
> hmmm this is my chipset:
> Which motherboard do you have?

No clue, it's an old p166, and I'm not about to open up the case..

> 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 430HX - 82439HX TXC [Triton II] (rev 03)
> 00:07.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82371SB PIIX3 ISA [Natoma/Triton II] (rev 01)
> 00:07.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82371SB PIIX3 IDE [Natoma/Triton II]
> i've had irq timeouts but they were due to a slow CD-ROM causing the two DMA drives to timeout (don't
> know why).
> ive never seen ide_dmaproc though.

Me neither, which is why I initially couldn't figure out what was
wrong.. Since setting -X34, however, I haven't had any more ide problems.

> This is my following hdparm config
> hdparm -d 1 -X34 -u1 -k 1 /dev/hdb
> hdparm -d 1 -X34 -u1 -k 1 /dev/hda

I don't use -k1, since I rely on the OS to set features if something is
messed up.

Has -u1 made much of a difference for you?

> for both drives, one of them us a UDMA66 but this Pentium 200Mhz cant do UDMA even ;/
> I have a AP53/AX AcerOpen Motherboard.
> Shawn.

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