Re: Stale super_blocks in 2.2

From: Phil Auld (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 08:27:03 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > That can be a problem for fiber channel devices. I saw some issues with
> > invalidate_buffers and page caching discussed in 2.4 space. Any reasons
> > come to mind why I shouldn't call invalidate on the the way down instead
> > (or in addition)?
> The I/O completed a few seconds later anyway when bdflush got around to
> writing the data back out. I dont plan to change 2.2. 2.4 doesnt do that
> optimisation which is annoying in a few cases and a lot less suprising in
> others

Sure, the I/O completes, but the buffer_head is still in memory, valid and
On a subsequent mount the super_block comes from memory not disk. This works
as long as nobody else mounted that file system in between.

I can make the changes needed. I was really curious if you, or anyone else,
thought there might be page caching issues involved with invalidating on the way

Thanks the time,


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Egenera Corp.
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