Re: incremental patches for 2.4*-ac* kernels

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 01:58:13 EST

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> I think that most of us using modems begin to experience a little pain in
> downloading latest Alan's patches since they're becoming to be really big (and
> interesting).
> Since I have an occasionnal access to a system equipped with a good line, I
> began to make incremental patches for these kernels. These patches are about
> 60 kb instead of nearly 2 Mb. Those who are interested can download them from
> this url :


FWIW, people can also download Alan's patches and Linus' pre-patches
from my 'gkernel' CVS at sourceforge. Instructions for anoncvs are on
the SourceForge home page, near the bottom:

Check out module 'linux_2_2' or 'linux_2_4'. You --MUST-- use a branch
tag when checking out. Branch tags are named based on kernel version,


Using CVS allows easy diff'ing of the full kernel
> cvs -z9 rdiff -u -r REL_2_4_1_ac10 -r REL_2_4_1_ac11 linux_2_4

or just a part of the tree
> cvs -z9 rdiff -u -r REL_2_4_1_ac10 -r REL_2_4_1_ac11 linux_2_4/drivers/net

(as a side note, if you s/REL/hack/ in the above tag names, you get my
public CVS tree...)

Any questions, or anyone wanting my CVS import/merge scripts, just let
me know.


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