Re: Stale NFS handles on 2.4.1

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 18:31:50 EST

> The NFS clients are getting
> "Stale NFS handle"
> messages every once in a while which will make a "touch somefile.o"
> fail.

If they have the previous .o handle cached and it was removed on another
client thats quite reasonable behaviour. NFS isnt coherent

> It's quite annoying and I didn't see it on 2.2 even after the NFS
> patches were integrated.

I wonder if its because 2.4 runs faster and caches better 8). You can
tune the attribute cache times that may help. Are we talking 30 second
intervals here or stuff being cached for far too long (which would imply a bug)

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