RE: USB mouse jumping

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 11:49:29 EST

> From: Elmer Joandi []
> On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Dunlap, Randy wrote:
> > If USB mice had serial numbers (like some USB storage devices
> > do), then we could tell that it's the same mouse on the
> > same connector and not change from mouse0 to mouse1.
> > Currently it looks like a new device attachment.
> >
> > One possible solution is for you to use /dev/usb/mice,
> > which is all USB mice merged into one input stream.
> Please, if it is possible, make it simple and sensible.
> if to have true multihead, with 5 keyboards and mice, I would
> really wish
> that the device numbers are connected to physical holes for plugs,
> otherwise anyone (of schoolchildren for example) can do simple nasty
> stupid things.

It's currently not designed for multihead usage.
I haven't looked at it much, but I believe that the
linux-console project is working on that. (?)

I agree; your suggestion (same physical device on same connector =>
same logical device) makes sense to me, at least for some
devices, like mice and keyboards. For some devices it could
lead to misuse of the device.

> And also it is the dream for true dumbuser with one mouse,
> because it then just works out of box.

Use /dev/input/mice for this case, not /dev/input/mouse0 .

(Ah, I said /dev/usb/mice earlier; should be /dev/input/mice .)

> Or you tell that with USB internal design you can not know physical
> connector unique number ?

Yes, we can/do know what physical connector a device is attached


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