Re: 2.4.x SMP blamed for Xfree 4.0 crashes

From: Pete Toscano (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 10:36:32 EST

i have been running 4.0.2 on my smp system using the 2.4.1 kernel. the
one thing is, i was using the xfree out of precision insite's cvs with
the g400 binary-only hal lib dri module loaded. every-so-often,
especially when closing windows or switching virtual desktops, the
kernel would crash. luckily, i'm also running kdb on a serial console,
so i am able to check things out and keep a log. unfortunately, when
btp all the processes, i found no text.lock, which is as far as i know
how to "debug" a kernel crash.

of course, this could very well be something wrong with the binary-only
module from matrox, so i'm seeing if the same problem presents itself
with the original mga.o loaded (which also disables hardware dri).


On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Tony Gale wrote:

> Having experienced a number of crashes with Xfree 4.0 with 2.4
> kernels, that I wasn't getting with 2.2 kernels, a quick search on
> the xfree Xpert mailing list reveals this:

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