Re: gzipped executables

From: Matt Stegman (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 08:58:56 EST


Anything in 2.4 isn't an option right now. I'm using, and am really happy
with, the ext3 journalling patch. I'm not planning on a 2.4 upgrade until
ext3 has been ported. Damn shame I don't have the skill to do that

ext2 compression would be great. First off, though, I'm already using the
ext3 patch. Would ext2 compression be compatible, and take effect for
ext3 (ext3 support is a separate option in the kernel from ext2)? Also, I
can't even get to the ext2 compression page

UPX looks interesting; I'll have to check it out in depth. Thanks, all!


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