Re: [LK] Re: lkml subject line

From: Mike A. Harris (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 03:53:13 EST

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Mike Harrold wrote:

>> Those would all be your problems and I would suggest using a different account
>> for mail then.
>Out of interest, how would that solve anything? So I use an ISP instead.
>Then I have to download all my mail to home to read it. Talk about a
>total waste of time.
>It's hard enough tracking my mail as it is, let alone having to have another
>account just to handle a certain mailing list.

2 words: Your problem. Many have suggested solutions, but
you're playing the "I don't care, I want it my way and I don't
care what you say" game, of which nobody is going to budge on,
especially for one single person who is being unreasonable.

>> This discussion happens on every mailing list occasionally, and it is just a
>> generally bad idea, period.
>I disagree, and while I may be in the minority on this list, I am certainly
>not in the minority across the board, given that virtually every mailing list
>I am subscribed to DOES prepend a tag to the subject line.

Which is retarded. The subject line is for the subject. Other
headers exist for letting one know where they came from.

>> Especially for a list which is as often crossposted to as lk.
>This I can buy. But it is, IMHO, the only valid argument against doing so.

Exactly IYHO. Nobody else - at least nobody that matters agrees
with you.

>> Can we now move on?
>Of course. Wouldn't want to interrupt our regular traffic for too long :)

Why not. Might as well get it all out now, it has been at least
6 months since this topic came up.

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