startup error (pcmcia) 2.4.1

From: Aaron Dewell (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 03:02:06 EST

Hi all,

I am observing a problem with 2.4.1 (and 2.4.0, all the -test releases
were fine) with pcmcia on my laptop. At boot time, I have to pop the
ethernet card twice after the bus detection and before the card's
module gets loaded or eth0 isn't found. Actually, I don't have to do
it immediately, but I have to do it before trying to use the network,
it's just that this order keeps the init scripts happy. :)

Here's my environment:

Dell Latitude CPx
Ositech Jack of Spades (epic100 driver)
This is the kernel pcmcia support I'm using, not David Hinds'. I have
  other problems with that package that are unrelated.
I tried with epic100 compiled in first, this iteration I thought I'd
  try as a module. Same result except more irritating to work around.
2.4.1-ac9 same result, but I changed back to 2.4.1 for OSS

Attached is /proc/pci, /proc/interrupts, dmesg output (you can see where
I ejected the card twice), and the kernel config. Let me know if you
need anything else, and I am available for testing.


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