Re: Software Mestizo Manifesto

From: Michael Trausch (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 00:39:14 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > > It seems that people are using open source software to do idiotic
> > > things. Many open source references were made in the article, I should
> > > see if the article is online at all to maybe be able to use it as a
> > > reference.
> >
> > You probably mean that one:
> >
> It has to be said that if Im blowing up planes full of people then I'm probably
> not concerned about software licensing issues or a visit from the BSA.
> Alan

ROFL... This is true. However, I've got to wonder how many people
actually like Bin Laden are out there. And seeing as though they can't
seem to catch him, he must be doing a pretty damn good job at working on
the software issue. We'll see how long it takes for the Government to
finally decide to violate the Freedom of Speech and require Master Keys.

And I'd hope that the Linux community doesn't bend over and succumb to
that, becuase thinking logically here, if the M-Key fell in the wrong
hands it could be used without court orders. That's the whole thing
that the Government apparently doesn't realize.

Anywayz, we'll see what happens. I'm off of the list currently so that
I can work on my own software project for now, but I'll probably be back
on within a matter of months, we'll see how bored I get if I get free
time from my software project :-P.

        - Mike
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