Re: opl3sa not detected anymore

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 18:46:39 EST

> > The midi works fine, but 'modprobe sound' reports:
> > opl3sa2: No cards found
> > opl3sa2: 0 PnP card(s) found.

Thats ok, it may not be set up for isapnp

> Try to add "isapnp=3D0" to the opl3sa2 options list :
> opl3sa2 mss_io=3D0x530 irq=3D5 dma=3D1 dma2=3D0 mpu_io=3D0x330 io=3D0x3=
> 70 isapnp=3D0
> I had the same problem and adding isapnp=3D0 solved it, but PNP isn't
> supposed to automaticaly detect those options ?

No, but if you set options it would kind of make sense to turn off the
isapnp automatically 8). I'll look into that.
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