Re: [ANNOUNCE] Animated framebuffer logo for 2.4.1

From: Miles Lane (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 17:31:14 EST

Martin Laberge wrote:

> Juergen Schneider wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I've created a patch for kernel 2.4.1 that adds some fancy options for
>> the framebuffer console driver concerning the boot logo.
>> I've added logo animation and logo centering.
>> People may find this not very useful but nice to look at. :-)
>> It can be downloaded from:
>> <>
>> With this tar ball comes the patch for kernel 2.4.1 and a small
>> program called xpm2splash to create animated linux_logo.h files
>> from XPM files.
>> The patch also contains an animated boot logo (that's why it is
>> so big).
>> It is the dancing penguin I've taken from the apache default
>> configuration of a SuSE 6.4 distribution.
>> (BTW who created this nice animation???)
>> So, try it and send your comments.
>> Juergen Schneider
>> PS: The patch should work with kernel 2.4.0 too.
>> PPS: Our FTP server seems to have some problems with the "ls"
>> command. You should use "ls -l" or "dir" to get a
>> directory listing. Sorry for that.
>> --
>> Dipl.-Inf. Juergen Schneider <>
>> TUXIA Deutschland GmbH
> I beleive it is a very good idea... there has been many objections where
> would be difficult to trace for the geek... BUT , are you all believing the
> system will be crashing most of the time, or will it be
> running perfectly most of the time...

Linux does crash early in the boot process sometimes. Folks are
correct to be worried about handling these early crashes in such
a way that the user can learn what is going wrong with the OS.


> I believe linux should be one of those systems... you start it and then use
> it... it don't crash, don't hang... it works...

It does crash and users can't know when it will happen
ahead of time. For example, I add a new piece of
hardware that triggers a driver bug and BANG, the
machine locks up on boot.

Now, we can still have a "innocuous pretty boot" process,
as long as a boot parameter can be passed so that when
a kernel is crashing early in the boot process, the user
can disable the prettyboot and get to all the kernel



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