Re: LILO and serial speeds over 9600

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 16:52:20 EST

> > I have toyed a few times about having a simple Ethernet- or UDP-based
> > console protocol (TCP is too heavyweight, sorry) where a machine would
> > seek out a console server on the network. Anyone has any ideas about
> > it?
> Excellent plan: data centre sysadmins the world over will worship your
> name if it works...

Sounds like MOP on the old Vaxen. TCP btw isnt as heavyweight as people
sometimes think. You can (and people have) implemented a simple TCP client
and IP and SLIP in 8K of EPROM on a 6502. There is a common misconception
that a TCP must be complex.

All you actually _have_ to support is receiving frames in order, sending one
frame at a time when the last data is acked and basic backoff. You dont have
to parse tcp options, you dont have to support out of order reassembly.

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