ACPI idle

From: Meelis Roos (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 14:14:17 EST

Tried 2.4.1-ac10 (this includes 2.4.2-pre3 so the latest ACPI updates ar
in). Acpi-idle slowdown is still there, acpi=no-idle helps. Via KT133
chipset, Soltek 75KV motherboard, Duron 600.

ACPI info from dmesg:

ACPI: Core Subsystem version [20010208]
ACPI: Subsystem enabled
ACPI: System firmware supports: C2 C3
ACPI: plvl2lat=90 plvl3lat=900
ACPI: C2 enter=1288 C2 exit=322
ACPI: C3 enter=38653 C3 exit=3221
ACPI: Not using ACPI idle
ACPI: System firmware supports: S0 S1 S5

Meelis Roos <>

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