Re: Programmatically probe video chipset

From: Henrik Stokseth (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 12:11:40 EST

Paul Powell <> wrote:

> Is there an API or other means to determine what video
> card, namely the chipset, that the user has installed
> on his machine?

for PCI and AGP cards you can scan through the bus and fetch all
vendor:device numbers of type 7 (vga compatible) IIRC and then match them
against a database. i have the code for this if you're interested.
for ISA cards that has PnP functionality you can get the vendor string using
a PnP interrupt service routine, I have never actually done that but i know
that it is possible.
But for most cards you can use the VESA VBE API to fetch the information,
you will have to do this from real/virtual mode afaik.
If you're not interrested in programming hardware you can use the pci
interface in /proc instead which is the best solution if you're running
linux. ;o)


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