Error Communicating With Module

From: Ben Rush (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 10:21:39 EST

        Hello, first of all I must tell you that I do not belong to this
mailing list as of yet, so, please respond to me via
Thank you very much in advance!

        My problem is as follows:

        I have added a variable named bens_variable to ksyms.c as follows:

        extern int bens_variable=10;

        I have then exported the variable in ksyms.c as follows:


        I then recompiled the kernel as bzImage and everything went
perfectly fine. I then wrote a module for that particular kernel which
is simple and looks as follows:

        #define MODULE
        #define __KERNEL__
        #include <linux/module.h>

        int init_module(void){
                return 0;
        void cleanup_module(void){
                printk("<1>Module Unloaded\n");

        But, of course, whenever I try and compile the module to load it
using gcc it tells me that bens_variable is undefined - which makes sense,
however I don't see how I can compile this without typing in

        extern int bens_variable;

        again. How do I get my module to compile and print out the value
of bens_variable as defined within ksyms.c?

        Again, please respond to me via Thanks again in


                    Benjamin Rush (
                  Undergradute Computer Scientist @ UNL

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