2.4.2-pre2(&3) loopback fs hang

From: Colonel (klink@clouddancer.com)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 04:54:46 EST

>mount -o loop=/dev/loop1 net.i /var/mnt/image/

ends up in an uninterruptable sleep state (system cannot umount /
during shutdown).

The test system is a 100MHz 486 Planar wall mount, same problem with
or without modules. The proper fs support is present in the kernel,
while CONFIG_DEVFS_FS is not set. The linux distribution base was a
fresh slackware-current, it meets all requirements mentioned in
linux/Documentation/Changes. Everything else tested has worked fine
so far, the 2.2.18 kernel did not have this loopback problem.

How do I track this down?
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