Re: FA-311 / Natsemi problems with 2.4.1

From: Jocelyn Mayer (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 03:52:35 EST

/>> /
/>> I found something from OpenBSD: /
/>> the natsemi chip (in fact DP83815) /
/>> is quite the same as SiS900 one. /

> If that is true, maybe you can hack drivers/net/sis900.c to get it to
> work with the FA-311?

> Jeff

First of all, I'm sorry to be so late to answer,
but we had problems with our mail server, last week (damned NT.....) :=(((

I know that some (maybe a lot..) of the FA311 cards work well with the
natsemi driver.
I know that some doesn't work, also. In fact, I don't use a FA311 card,
but a DP83815 Chip included on a motherboard.
And, in my case, the driver fails....

I started to work on the SiS900 driver.
I will try to do something about it...
Maybe it won't be quick,
because I'm not used to work so deep inside the kernel,
but it's a good time to start ! :=)))

So, please be patient, I'll come back with something new,
one of these days...

Jocelyn Mayer.
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