2.4.[01] and duron - unresolved symbol _mmx_memcpy

From: Ph. Marek (marek@mail.bmlv.gv.at)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 02:04:59 EST

Hi everybody,

Some time ago I tried 2.4.0 compiled with option for duron-processors,
yesterday I tried 2.4.1; both give problems on insmod/modprobe with some
modules, eg. tulip.

The offending function is _mmx_memcpy, which can be found in the System.map
(but, opposed to other functions, with an upper "T" instead of "t").

/proc/cpuinfo says that I have mmx, 3dnow and so on, but there seems to be
a problem getting _mmx_memcpy it into the bzlilo-target.

I saw that CONFIG_X86_HAS_3DNOW is set in include/config/x86/use/3dnow.h,
so I thought that the #defines should be ok.

So, is this already solved (couldn't find it on linux24.sourceforge.net),
is it known? should I do some more investigation?



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