Re: WOL failure after shutdown

From: James Brents (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 21:37:05 EST

Sorry, I wrote that in a hurry. Its a 3Com PCI 3c905C Tornado. I can
successfully use wakeonlan if I power off the machine immeadiatly after
turning it on. Using the shutdown command, which it will when I need it
to power back up, it will not work.
Im using a wakeonlan cable to my motherboard as well, not using wake
through PCI bus.
Kernel is 2.4.1
I appologize for not providing all required the specs in the original


Mark Hahn wrote:

>> wakeonlan packets to my other servers to start them back up. Wakeonlan >> works if i were to hit the power before Linux starts, so I know I have >> it configured properly, and I also have wakeonlan turned on in the BIOS. >> However, when I do shutdown -h, it will turn the power off, but >> wakeonlan does not work. Ive tried enabling ACPI and tinkering with >> options in the BIOS, but i cant power up with WOL after issuing shutdown -h. > > > so when can you powerup with WOL? WOL requires that the driver leave the > card in a particular state; obviously, you should mention which NIC.

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