Re: BUG: SO_LINGER + shutdown() does not block?

From: Chris Evans (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 15:41:04 EST

[cc: Andi]

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 wrote:

> Hello!
> > I'm not seeing shutdown(2) block on a TCP socket. This is Linux kernel
> > 2.2.16 (RH7.0). Is this a kernel bug, a documentation bug,
> Man page is wrong.

Yes, man socket(7) seems to be wrong.

I don't have access to a genuine BSD at the moment, but from man pages:
- HP/UX specifically states that SO_LINGER has no effect on shutdown()
- Solaris SO_LINGER only mentions that close() is affected.
- Likewise FreeBSD


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