Power off 2.4.xx and ACPI / APM

From: Jean-luc Coulon (jean-luc.coulon@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 15:37:38 EST


I've read some messages some time ago about problems related to ACPI.
But I've not found the clue to my problem.

With kernel 2.2.19 and APM enabled, the power supply switches off while
the message Power down appears.

With 2.4.x, nothing occurs. I've to enable ACPI too to have this

But if I enable ACPI, I've a strange problem with my AX25 (hamradio)
system :
all the frames I send on the radio network are _very_ long without any
data in it. The watchdog of the card (DRSI : works with the scc driver),

switches the transmitter off after few seconds.

Any idea ?




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