VA-CTCS 1.3.0pre1

From: Jason Collins (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 19:49:03 EST

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It's been far too long, but a new development branch of VA-CTCS (VA
Cerberus Test Control System) is finally available. VA Linux has heard my
pleas for increased manpower in my area so ... expect both minor and major
releases to turn over faster than the glacial pace of the last six months.

Highlights since 1.2.xx:
        - Compiles and runs cleanly under the 2.4 kernel
        - Removed some of the third party packages in VA-CTCS to ease
          my maintenance load
        - Changed the memory test size computations for the default burn
          to fit in with my better knowledge of the Linux VM. In
          particular, avoid exceeding the borrow thresholds in
          /proc/sys/vm/buffermem, et. al., to keep from wasting
          time swapping.
        - Added a simple ASCII-only report generator
        - Massive updates to the FAQ and other documentation
        - The usual round of bugfixes

See the SourceForge project page for release notes, changelog, mailing
list, and downloads:

Thanks, and happy system thrashing!

Jason T. Collins
Software Engineer
VA Linux Systems

(For those unfamiliar with Cerberus...) **** The VA Cerberus Test Control System is a simple, modular test bench with modules that can be recombined to beat on hardware and kernels. The included burn-in system combines the modules to try to break hardware. VA Linux Systems uses VA-CTCS to test kernel stability as well as the reliability of the systems we ship under load. It is available under the GNU General Public License. ****

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