From: Linus Torvalds (torvalds@transmeta.com)
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 18:35:21 EST

Nothing too radical here..


 - Jens: better ordering of requests when unable to merge
 - Neil Brown: make md work as a module again (we cannot autodetect
   in modules, not enough background information)
 - Neil Brown: raid5 SMP locking cleanups
 - Neil Brown: nfsd: handle Irix NFS clients named pipe behavior and
   dentry leak fix
 - maestro3 shutdown fix
 - fix dcache hash calculation that could cause bad hashes under certain
   circumstances (Dean Gaudet)
 - David Miller: networking and sparc updates
 - Jeff Garzik: include file cleanups
 - Andy Grover: ACPI update
 - Coda-fs error return fixes
 - rth: alpha Jensen update

-pre2: - driver sync up with Alan - Andrew Morton: wakeup cleanup and race fix - Paul Mackerras: macintosh driver updates. - don't trust "page_count()" on reserved pages! - Russell King: fix serious IDE multimode write bug! - me, Jens, others: fix elevator problem - ARM, MIPS and cris architecture updates - alpha updates: better page clear/copy, avoid kernel lock in execve - USB and firewire updates - ISDN updates - Irda updates

-pre1: - XMM: don't allow illegal mxcsr values - ACPI: handle non-existent battery strings gracefully - Compaq Smart Array driver update - Kanoj Sarcar: serial console hardware flow control support - ide-cs: revert toc-valid cache checking in 2.4.1 - Vojtech Pavlik: update via82cxxx driver to handle the vt82c686 - raid5 graceful failure handling fix - ne2k-pci: enable device before asking the irq number - sis900 driver update - riva FB driver update - fix silly inode hashing pessimization - add SO_ACCEPTCONN for SuS - remove modinfo hack workaround, all newer modutils do it correctly - datagram socket shutdown fix - mark process as running when it takes a page-fault

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