2.2.19pre{3-9} and IPC problem

From: Richard A Nelson (cowboy@vnet.ibm.com)
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 16:50:37 EST

In 2.2.19pre3, IPC_RMID had the following change:
        case IPC_RMID:
                if (current->euid == shp->u.shm_perm.uid ||
                    current->euid == shp->u.shm_perm.cuid ||
                    capable(CAP_SYS_ADMIN)) {
                        shp->u.shm_perm.mode |= SHM_DEST;
                        if (shp->u.shm_nattch <= 0)
                                killseg (id);
+ /* Do not find it any more */
+ shp->u.shm_perm.key = IPC_PRIVATE;
                err = -EPERM;
                goto out;

I've two questions related to the change:
  1) Should not the two new lines have been inserted before the
     killseg() call? It appears that killseg() will kfree() the
     storage backing shp!?! If so, the key setting portion could
     be altering anything or faulting, no?

  2) on 2.2.19pre{7-9} I've seen occasion glitches wherein it appears
     that shm_ctl(IPC_RMID) hasn't set the key to IPC_PRIVATE, because
     an attempt to recreate the segment fails (but only sometimes).
     Has anyone else seen this? Is it possibly related to the above

Rick Nelson
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