Re: booting the 2.4.1 linux kernel... tada,nada

From: Duncan Gauld (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 15:54:29 EST


a couple of things to check here.
a) when compiling the kernel, did you remember to select the proper CPU in
the kernel config?
b) if you are using (for example) an ATI Rage 128 you need to go into
character devices and say Y to DRI X and ATI Rage 128.
(I found that the latter idea fixed the same problem on my machine.)

I'm a newbie, 12, so hope this helps!


Lyndsey Simon wrote:

> [1.] Once I get the loading the kernel message from Lilo I hard crash
without any error
> messages.
> [2.] I had no trouble making the bzImage and have installed it made it and
installed it
> three different times from scratch, once using debian's make-kpkg tool,
but still I get
> the same outcome - a hard crash with no error messages. I get the Loading
> Linux.2.4.1........... ok,now booting the kernel and then BANG, I go dead
with no error
> message of any kind.


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