Bonding driver

From: Chris Chabot (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 08:27:38 EST

A few bugs still show up in the 2.4.x series with the bonding
(drivers/net/bonding.c / bonding.0) driver. Ive tried all the below
situations in both 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 (both clean/final versions), and on
redhat's default 2.2.16enterprise kernel. the 2.2.16 kernel doesnt have
any of the bugs described below, so it seems they are newly introduced
in the 2.4 series at some point.. The system im testing on is a dual p3
600 (asus p2b-ds mainboard, 440 chipset), 512Mb ecc ram, raid0 4xide
disks, 2x 3com 3c905b network cards connected to a 3com superstack III
switch. The system runs redhat 7.0 with a clean self compiled 2.4.0/1

Things that go wrong..

    ifdown bond0
    ifdown eth0
    --> kernel oops, system hard crash

system shutdown does the above as well, so as result i cant normaly shut
down my servers anymore. This is very anoying for my fsck's on the 300Gb
raid0.. and i fear for my data :)

    ping <some-addr>
    --> packets go over the 2 interfaces
    ifdown bond0
    ifup bond0
    ping <same-addr>
    --> packets go -only- over eth0

    ping -f <some-addr>
    --> bond0 shows 0 rx packets, while eth0/1 do show rx's being
distributed over the 2 interfaces.

If there's more information i can provide, dont hesitate to ask. Pls cc
me in replies since im not subscribed to linux-kernel.

    -- Chris

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