Re: [OT] Re: 2.4.x, drm, g400 and pci_set_master

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 06:19:39 EST said:
> Both drivers want Matrox's HALlib. (Which is x86 binary only.) Matrox
> will not release the info on that interface to the chipset. (Using
> the standard corporate excuse whenever they don't want to do something
> "Intelectual Property concerns".)

> Good luck on getting them to make an Alpha version of the library or
> get them to release the underlying library interface specs.

I submitted a patch to XFree86 on Tuesday which drives the primary head of
G450. It's a cleaned up version of Matrox's own code, and it works on Alpha
for me. Dual head will come later - we have the example code in matroxfb to
work from. All the binary-only HALlib does is mode setup - all the
acceleration is done in the open source code anyway, even when the HALlib
is present.


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