Re: DNS goofups galore...

From: Aaron Denney (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 20:50:04 EST

Michael H. Warfield <> wrote:
> But, wait a minute. CNAME -> CNAME is a "must not".

Cite the RFC please. 1034 says
# Domain names in RRs which point at another name should always point at
# the primary name and not the alias.
# domain software should not fail when presented with CNAME
# chains or loops; CNAME chains should be followed and CNAME loops
# signalled as an error.
# - The answer to the query, possibly preface by one or more CNAME
# RRs that specify aliases encountered on the way to an answer.
# Multiple levels of
# aliases should be avoided due to their lack of efficiency, but should
# not be signalled as an error.

It's fairly clear that CNAMEs to CNAMEs are discouraged, but legal.

Aaron Denney
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