RE: Mem detection problem

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 19:19:36 EST

> From: Adam Schrotenboer []
> This is actually a repost of a problem that received few
> serious replies (IMNSHO).

Well, I claim not to have ignored it.
I have gone thru the entire patch-2.4.1 file and can't see
anything there that would cause what you are seeing.

You aren't using ACPI, right? (not in your log files)
[That just makes the patch file of interest smaller.]

> Basically 2.4.0 detects 192 MB(maybe 191, but big whoop) of
> memory. This
> is correct. However, 2.4.1-ac6 (as did Linus-blessed 2.4.1)
> detects 64.
> The problem is simple. 2.4.1 and later for some reason uses bios-88,
> instead of e820.
> Attached are the dmesgs from 2.4.0 and 2.4.1-ac6.

Have you booted 2.4.0 again (lately)? You log file is from
Jan-08-2001. It may also report only 64 MB now, based on
some kind of BIOS change (or ESCD ...) since Jan-08.

Someone else with a similar "problem" actually had a fruit fly
in one of their slots that caused a problem, so I would ask that
you (a) boot 2.4.0 again to see if it works now and (b) remove
adapters, clean slots, reseat adapters, boot 2.4.1 again.


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