Re: nvidia fb 0.9.0 (0.9.2?)

From: Louis Garcia (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 15:28:52 EST

Bakonyi Ferenc wrote:

> /me wrote:
>> Louis Garcia <> wrote:
>>> I'm using XFree86-4.0.1 with the nv driver. You are right, it's ver
>>> 0.9.2 for the fb.
>>> Where can I get the patch? Should I upgrade to XFree86-4.0.2?
>> Not yet, we have to write that patch first... :) I'll grab an XFree
>> source soon.
>> Please test other color depths too: 15bpp and 32bpp.
> Hi!
> I've tried to reproduce your problem, but I failed. Rivafb 0.9.2 on
> Asus V3000 (Riva 128) with nv driver (from XFree-4.0.1g, Debian
> Woody) works fine for me. Would you like to try out some other XFree
> versions too?
> Regards:
> Ferenc Bakonyi
On a nvidia riva 128 and a stock rh7 with kernel-2.4.1ac4 and above
which has rivafb-0.9.2 when I startx the desktop is dark. This is in
16bit and 24bit modes.
I have been told the Riva hardware can be programmed to expect 8 bit or
6 bit color registers. Rivafb < 0.7.2 used 6 bit color registers, but
the hw was programmed to 8 bit registers on TNT/TNT2. That was causing
the so called 'dark console' bug. Rivafb 0.9.2 begins to utilize 8 bits
on Riva 128, but the XFree86-4.0.1 server uses only 6 bits of them so
your desktop's brightness is 1/4.

Louis Garcia

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