Re: 2.4.x, drm, g400 and pci_set_master

From: Alex Deucher (adeucher@UU.NET)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 11:39:42 EST

I'm not sure about the mga source, but you can enable busmaster manually
as root. See the dri-devel list for more. I can't remember the exact
message off hand. THere was also some discussion of this last week I



  friend of mine bought g400 on my recommendation, and unfortunately,
mga drm driver did not worked for me. I tracked it down to missing
pci_enable_device and pci_set_master in mga* driver. But even after
looking more than hour into that code I have no idea where I should
place this call, as it looks like that mga driver is completely
shielded from seeing pcidev structure :-(
  Does anybody know where I should place pci_enable_device and
pci_set_master into mga code? I worked around pci_enable_device by
using matroxfb, but pci_set_master is not invoked by matroxfb, and
adding this call into matroxfb just to get mga drm driver to work does
not look correctly to me - although it is what I had done just now.
                                            Petr Vandrovec
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