Re: Aic7xxx troubles with 2.4.1ac6

From: Doug Ledford (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 07:53:55 EST

Ville Herva wrote:
> It looks like ac6 (which I believe includes the patch you posted) is
> still a no-go with 7892. The boot halts and it just prints this once a
> second:
> (SCSI0:0:3:1) Synchronous at 160 Mbyte/sec offset 31
> (SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error during data in phase
> (SCSI0:0:3:1) CRC error in intermediate CRC packet

Check your cables, especially the connector on the card and the drive. Look
for any possible bent pins. The message you are seeing is *usually*, but not
always, a legitimate data corruption issue. It doesn't show up under the
5.2.1 driver because it limits your Quantum drive to 80MByte/s and that
particular speed doesn't include CRC checking. On this driver you have to be
running at 160MByte/s before CRC checking is enabled.


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