Problem with schedule_timeout..

From: Avinash vyas (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 07:25:56 EST

        I am a relatively newb in the kenel programming. I am using the
function "schedule_timeout" for sleeping for some time. But in some cases
the function returns after the specified timeout but in some instance it
returns immediately, without decrementing the timeout value passed as the
        I have to use this function only, so please suggest what can be
the possible reasons.

        The above said instance occured when i was developing a device
driver, where i am implementing the poll. The function do_poll() uses this
function for sleeping for specified timeout value. In normal device
drivers it runs as it should, but when i poll on my device then the
function returns immediately. I used the same timeout value for both the

Thanx in advance,
Avinash Vyas,
IIT Kanpur,

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