Re: [PATCH] eepro100.c, kernel 2.4.1

From: Augustin Vidovic (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 06:44:15 EST

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 03:26:51AM -0800, Ion Badulescu wrote:
> syslogd does not suppress messages, it suppresses *identical* messages.
> So what was the *first* message logged by syslogd, the one followed by
> "last message repeated XXX times"?

It's not "last message repeatead XXX times", it's :
Jan 30 00:01:18 XXX kernel: NET: 8298 messages suppressed.
Jan 30 00:01:24 XXX kernel: NET: 2929 messages suppressed.
Jan 30 00:01:38 XXX kernel: NET: 1225 messages suppressed.
Jan 30 00:01:43 XXX kernel: NET: 4397 messages suppressed.
Jan 30 00:01:48 XXX kernel: NET: 2342 messages suppressed.
(ad nauseam)

This suppression of thousands of lines was described as a DOS-protection
in the docs I read.

> Umm, no. With your patch, both the diagnostic and the activation are wrong,
> whereas before only the diagnostic was wrong.

With my patch, the test becomes (eeprom[3] & 0x03), which is not null
for every possible non-null value of the two lower bits :

        bit1 bit0 [bit1,bit0]&[1,1]
        0 0 00
        0 1 01
        1 0 10
        1 1 11

Whereas the other test is more restrictive, because it excludes the "11"
from the results.
The old cards still get the workaround enabled this this wider test.

> > Now, I do not get _any_ message in the logs, which means that the network
> > cards activity is closer to normality than before the patch.
> So your patch did not do you any good. Case closed, as far as the work-around
> is concerned.

To the contrary, it seems to do a lot of good, because the NET subsystem
does not send any more panic messages to the kernel, and the cluster has
not meltdown again so far.

> If you post the original log messages, we might be able to find the real
> bug...

Sorry, I can't, as they were suppressed (as you can see in the example
I copy-pasted before in this mail), and now I don't get any other one.

> [and please don't drop the Cc:]

Ok, if you insist.

Augustin Vidovic         
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