2.4.0 pdev_enable_device() call in setup-bus.c

From: Grant Grundler (grundler@cup.hp.com)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 14:50:52 EST

Hi Ivan,
Can you explain why pci_assign_unassigned_resources()
calls pdev_enable_device() for every PCI device instead
of having each PCI *driver* call pci_enable_device()
as part of driver initialization?

I'm thinking I missed something that a comment in the code
should have explained.

After having written the bulk of PCI support for parisc port,
I was clearly under the impression the PCI driver was
supposed to call pci_enable_device(). IMHO, it's a *bad* idea
to enable a device when it's driver might not be present.


Code from drivers/pci/setup-bus.c:
void __init
        pci_for_each_dev(dev) {

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