Status of loopback

From: Adam Schrotenboer (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 13:52:28 EST

I'm curious if the loopback block driver is stable enough yet to, say
put a loopback file on a vfat partition.

I have 2 HDs, one windoze, one linux. I can't be sure I won't need to
keep the vfat partition, so I can't just wipe it out. However, it
currently has more space on it than my ext2 disc. (200 vs 500 MB)

The question therefore is, is it safe to do this yet?? I want to move
some stuff to the other disc, but don't want the troubles of
permissions. (BTW, IIRC umsdos doesn't to Win9x LFNs, right. Otherwise I
could remount umsdos [assuming that it works again. It was broken
sometime around 2.3.20]).

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