Re: Apparent instability of reiserfs on 2.4.1

From: Chris Mason (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 10:47:09 EST

Ok, how about we list the known bugs:

zeros in log files, apparently only between bytes 2048 and 4096 (not
reproduced yet).

preallocated block leak on crash (fix in testing)

hidden directory entry cleanup (still reproducing, very hard to hit).

knfsd (patches in testing).

oops in reiserfs_symlink, create_virtual_node (bug in redhat gcc 2.96,
fixed by downloading the update).

We've also had a few reports of other corruptions, most of which have been
traced to hardware problems. There are two where I'm not sure of the cause
yet, but the method to trigger the bug was too simple to not be a hardware


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