Re: VIA silent disk corruption - fixed for me

From: Udo A. Steinberg (sorisor@Hell.WH8.TU-Dresden.De)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 09:31:30 EST

Petr Vandrovec wrote:

> After upgrading BIOS (it did not help) I decided to switch my secondary
> harddisk to master. And voila - hde running UDMA5, hdg running UDMA2
> (hdf/hdh does not exist), whole night stresstests, no corruption.


> So at least for me it means that Promise Linux driver does not support
> slave-only configuration. I did not checked whether master-slave pair
> works, but master alone for sure works for me.

I have a master-slave configuration. Both are IBM DTLA-307030 in UDMA-5
mode, the master using vfat32, the slave using ext2. Works like a charm.

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