Re: Oopses in 2.4.1 (lots of them)

From: Arthur Pedyczak (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 07:50:28 EST

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > report got ignored). After running for 4 days I got many, many oopses.
> > They were trigerred by xscreensaver, and some other X-related apps.
> > After dopping to runlevel 3, the system seemed O.K. Nothing unusual in
> > graphics: Riva TNT2
> That makes it harder to say 'Use a 3.3.6 X server'. If you are using the
> nvidia binary/obfuscated modules for their 3d and stuff try running without
> them.
> Alan
NVidia is only one of the few suspects I have to eliminate. I also used
OSS, vmware, and free s/wan (for IPSEC). So now I am in a process of
eliminating them one by one.
Also, last night Linus suggested that this could be a hardware problem. I
am not sure how to eliminate or confirm this. Recently I added some RAM
(256->384) and decided to get rid of swap. This seemed to have destabilized
the system, although nothing is obvious. I can try to stress the system by
copying 2 CDs to files simultaneously, while running kernel build in the
background and tar-gzipping /usr, all at once. The load goes through the
roof, but everything works. Then, few hours later with no load a simple
thing like xscreensaver or makewhathis.cron would oops for no apparent
Not sure what to make of this all. Any ideas?


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