Re: Software Mestizo Manifesto

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 06:16:32 EST

> It *does*, however, violate the DFSG, at least in spirit (since it is
> only a suggestion). For what it's worth, the DFSG is my standard for
> whether a particular project is worth my time to contribute code to.

Vast amounts of debian included code contains suggestions about use.

> Also, Roberto -- it is rather presumptuous to assume that all of your
> (potentially) thousands of contributors from around the world happen to
> agree about that "fraternity of mankind" or whatever that was. Call me
> a misanthrope, but I'm not sure *I* agree with that one.

Sure, but its an opinion so whats the big deal. Its no different to RMS
view of the world that the GPL discussion and FSF projects push or the
other end of the world view that ESR pushes in the docs with his projects

Basically I think its not a linux-legal issue 8)

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