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From: Michael B. Trausch (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 01:40:56 EST

This is very intesting seeing as the story I read in the Newspaper (USA
Today) on encryption and terrorism today is an example of this.

It seems that people are using open source software to do idiotic
things. Many open source references were made in the article, I should
see if the article is online at all to maybe be able to use it as a

The only thing is that the good uses of the software are still
promenent, and what really bugs me is that the Government wants to step
into having a "Master Key" for everything as such... they can decrypt
stuff as is, but they have to spend lots of money if they want to do it
and that'll keep them in check verses having a "Master Key" that can
decrypt everything in a given encryption method. That's just plain

        - Mike

Roberto Diaz wrote:
> Hi this is off-topic sorry.
> I am trying to make a manifesto in order to attach it to all my gpl'd
> developments.. due to limitations in my english I would like to ask for
> your help... and maybe you can have a couple of new ideas to improve it.
> I am doing this because gpl'd developments usually involves people all
> around the world.. and being aware that a lot of gpl'd / GNU resources are
> used by fascist, terrorist and that kind of "people" everyday.. well maybe
> is a begginig.
> Please help the way you can.
> for now is just this:
> /****************** Software Mestizo Manifesto *********************
> * This code is **Software Mestizo** meaning it has been developed with
> * the help of a lot of individuals no matter their racial or cultural
> * origin, they all work together in peace and harmony in the belief of
> * humankind fraternity, using this software with the purpose to harm
> * this principles is to harm this software itself, uncivilizated and
> * completely unethical. Please use it only in the context of this
> * principles or dont use it if you dont agree the spirit of the Authors.
> */
> Regards
> Roberto
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